Sandra Sorbin, CR, CRM, APP, CCAP
Owner of Relaxation Place (Wellness Center)

Sandra is passionate about bringing holistic wellness and Aromatherapy education to the community. 

She has been practicing Reflexology and other healing modalities for over 10 plus years, and even though many years were spent in Corporate America in Training and Education she always had a special interest in holistic work and wellness education,  It's a direct  result and inspiration from her grandmother who was of Native American origin, she was by all rights a master herbalist, not by degree, but by heritage.

As a young child she would take Sandra with her to forage for herbs, she would make medicine with the herbs, take the medicine to those in the community that were in need, the routine was to pray over them, share the medicine and they would be back to health in a very short time.

As a young child, Sandra had no idea what an amazing impact that would have in her adult life.

Her passion and love of people go on today.  
She feels this was a lasting gift by example,  and today, Sandra proudly carries on the legacy.